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Ajna Light Sessions with Vibroacoustic Mat


What is the Ajna Light?

The Ajna Light is an innovative and highly effective device that easily and rapidly brings the user into a deeply relaxed, meditative state.


What My Clients Say...

  • I’ve done yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, but never any psychedelics. Somehow I’ve always been so scared of letting go completely. Then I tried the Ajna Light. For 20 wonderful minutes, I saw red, orange, bright lights in yellow, needle blue shapes with a white whale in the middle, a flaming bird behind a red circle, mini circles connected with one another through lines…and my body was immersed in music. And there was no down side…no side effects. Lisa clearly knows what she is doing. The Ajna light experience will feed your soul!

    Yasi Gerami, Filmmaker
  • I’ve known Lisa for years through my former restaurant. We have had countless conversations about healthy lifestyles, natural medicine and enlightening experiences. Last month, when she invited me to experience her shamanic light journey, I knew I could trust her to guide me through something incredible. I was right. I enjoyed the lights at 20% for a half hour and it felt both timeless and too fast, simultaneously. The lights were incredible, and the mat that allowed me to feel the music through my whole body was transcendental. I felt ecstatic joy, joyful laughter, sincere bliss. Afterwards, I felt buoyant and relaxed in a way that I haven’t been in years. I am very much looking forward to my next journey, and I recommend this to people in all walks of life.

  • A beautiful, spiritual experience!

    I wanted to experience Ajna Light Therapy and was happy to find a local practitioner. It’s hard to put such a heart opening experience into words – in addition to seeing the most beautiful colors and patterns, I experienced a feeling of being One with All That Is. I felt such peace, joy and gratitude, and experienced a sense of safety and freedom in a deep, healing way. Lisa is a very warm, calm, connected soul who is committed to her own and others’ awakening. I will definitely go back! 

    Wendy W.
  • What a rollercoaster delight to lie on this mat! Reverberations and tinglings throughout all my chakras, bones, organs and tissues and deep peace at the same time. Felt quite energized, uplifted, inspired — especially when I spontaneously set my intention to travel through the dimensions. Up, up and away I went…. Thank you! 

    Frank Coppieters, Ph.D.
  • I was recently turned onto the Ajna Light Therapy from a friend and was anxious to try it as it peaked my curiosity immediately. Lisa was able to get me in as soon as she can and wow, just wow. Not only did I not know what to expect but I only used the light at 10% intensity for 20 minutes, which felt like 5, and was blown away by my experience. Not only was the light show mind blowing and better than any I have seen but I was calm and blissed out the rest of the day. Lisa is the guide for you!!

    Michael Bator

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